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                Welcome to Zhuoye English College

                Yangshuo Zhuoyue English College was established on May 26, 2001 in Guilin. With its unique teaching philosophy and advanced methods (Excellence + Joy + Homestay), it has attracted many English lovers. Zhuoyue benefits from Yangshuo's unique international environment which provides students more opportunites to practice English. Zhuoyue's live-in campus, in addition to the international community at Yangshuo West Street, creates a natural English atmosphere for students, letting them experience Western culture without having to go abroad, and helping them realize their dream of English fluency.

                Zhuoyue's teaching methods are unique and efficient. We offer a full-time, on-site living, English-only environment, with small class sizes that immerse you in the language and prepare you to speak English naturally. We also offer English activities with different themes, such as English training courses, international cultural lessons, pronunciation coaching, and Toastmaster's, all of which are designed to help Zhuoyue students to quickly and efficiently learn English.

                Shenzhen: 15815534510